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Rent the latest Cobra King F9 golf set with cart, we deliver and pick up from you.

We at GolfRent aim to make you a customer happy. Now we offer you Cobra King F9 golf set with trolley from Bigmax (autofold FF) with accessories for a golf experience with high quality golf clubs.

We save you the hassle of bringing your golf set and your own clubs, ranging from 1-day to 30-day days until as long as you wish to rent. You do not have to lug around awkward luggage on the plane, in the car on the bus and on the train. You can also be flexible if you feel like playing after work, on a business trip, or during a customer meeting.

You can also rent these forgiving golf sets for a later purchase. Leave your clubs at home and let us deliver your golf set.

Robert and Jenny Johansson, owners of GOLFRENT SVERIGE AB

GOLFRENT SVERIGE AB's founder and owner:

Robert Johansson
Jenny Johansson

We are a golf couple who love to play golf and travel. In addition to renting golf equipment, we write reviews on our blog to share our golf experiences.
The interest has made us want to run companies together in the golf industry.

Our goal is to provide as many golf clubs and golfers as possible with good golf equipment around Europe, Book now

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